FEATURE IDEA: file type access

13 years 8 months ago #82353 by knotworking
FEATURE IDEA: file type access was created by knotworking
I understand there's a new release coming out to coincide with CB1.2, if it's not to late, I have a feature suggestion (that might already been thought of). I hacked the existing gallery plugin to make this work on my site, but I think it might be something others would want.

You currently can set the visability for all uploads, but I would suggest taking it a step further by setting seperate access levels for images and for documents. On my site, for example, many users upload resumes (which contain personal information) that I don't want registered users to have access to (only admins). I hacked the file to accomplish this (based on the `pgitemtype` field), but it's definitely not the most elegant solution.

Just an idea.

My site wouldn't be the same without this plugin, so many thanks and I look forward to seeing the next release!!!

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