Unique Fields/List question. Is it possible?

11 years 1 week ago #102817 by jefferygomer
Unique Fields/List question. Is it possible? was created by jefferygomer

I am trying to develop a site with community builder, and I'm stuck in trying to figure out if what I want to do is even possible.

The site will have multiple users that are responsible for managing articles about specific countries throughout the world. One user might manage Canada, Kenya, Togo, and another might write about Tuvalu, Russia, Thailand. Etc. etc.

I want a way to tie the countries they manage to their profile and then I would ultimately like to have a list where someone can sort by the countries alphabetically and see who manages it.

I figured it would take some additional mysql/phpmyadmin database management, which is, frankly, a weak spot for me.

So I've tried to tackle this issue by creating fields and a list via Community Builder, because it can be dynamically controlled by the user's profile.

I hope that was clear enough. I greatly appreciate the help.

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