Problems with Fb, CBlogin, Atend Events

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Problems with Fb, CBlogin, Atend Events was created by terracaching

We are building a site for our hobby/sport The site is for all european languages (joomfish). We have a very little knolledge about sitebuilding with nuke. So we are newbies in Joomla.

We have installed joomla 1.0.12 and previous version of CB. All was going well and we were almost so far to at real content to the site. Then there came the new update of CB. After updating CB to 1.1 we had a lot off problems. Some we managed to solve our self but some still remaining. Who can help us solf this problems?

1 MOD CB Login
a) we have installed PMS-jim. But after login there is no message there are new pms in the mod. We only see the welkom massege and logout button.
b) We think it's strange that the PMSJIM is only a link in the user menu and not a tab in CB. Did we miss something?
c) How do you ad a link in CB Login with "show last forum posts" (also see point 3)

2 intergration Attend Events
a) After updating to CB1.1 the intergration doesn't work with Attend Events 0.8.4. we de- and in-stalled the componment again but that didn't work. We realy don't know how to solf this.

3 AcajoomNews 1.3.5
a) after update we miss the tab with acajoom. BUT i can't remember it was there :blush: . So the question is shoot there be a tab and how do we ad him?

4 Fireboard 1.0.1.beta
After install it's was working well. We had some miner problems with difine language, but it was working. After update to CB 1.1 the well known tab was gone.
a) is FB working again in CB1.1?
b) is there an other forum witch still works after updating to CB1.1 and compatable with Joomla1,5?
c) How do you ad a link in CB Login with "show last forum posts"

tnx in front


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