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11 years 10 months ago #61180 by mapiscor
How do i remove/modify community, about CB dropdown, from My CB profile display, is it possible or against the license agreement.

Any help would be extremely appreciated.
11 years 10 months ago #61182 by teryaki
Subscribe to the docs. All your answers are there :Þ

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11 years 10 months ago #61221 by beat
mapiscor wrote:

How do i remove/modify community, about CB dropdown, from My CB profile display, is it possible or against the license agreement.


Thanks for helping out in forum, greatly appreciated :)

To answer mapiscor's question about the license agreement:

I need to add that while this is technically possible, and not hidden at all (as a matter of fact the parametering is located where you would expect it), removing the copyright which is displayed would represent a breach of the CB license agreement (GPL v2).

To cure that problem, our documentation subscribers (which are also supporting by that way the CB project, thank you) have this front-end removal explained in detail in the manual (at pages 67-68 in doc CB 1.1) and implicitely authorized. :)

So to clarify: for CB documentation subscribers, the CB license allows this in the front-end, while for non-subscribers, the license doesn't allow it.

We would highly appreciate that people removing the support to the CB project from the front-end of their site ( :( and thus also remove the possibility to their users to support our project ;) ), that they do support CB through subscribing to the documentation subscription, or being actively contributing in other ways (e.g. giving active forum community support).

So in general, if you removed the copyright in frontend without contributing back, please kindly subscribe to the documentation subscription service, or, if you wish to remove it, please subscribe to the documentation, it will explain you in detail how to do it, and authorize you to do it. Of course if you contributed back to CB substantially in other ways, this doesn't apply, as you would probably have received a complimentary documentation subscription ;) .

Copyrights removals in admin backend, source code and documentation are prohibited by the license, and are not allowed.

I already explained that here:,com_joomlaboard/Itemid,/func,view/catid,41/id,49530/#49530

Thanks in advance for playing fair. This project is lots of fun, and we want to keep it that way :)

Beat - Community Builder Team Member

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11 years 9 months ago #62452 by Madzsar
Hi, teryaki
Could you pls detail in what file can I find menu... in components\com_comprofiler or in administrator\components\com_comprofiler ??? and what name of .php file?

11 years 9 months ago #62607 by teryaki
I don't know where to find the inner workings of the menu, but if you elaborate on what your trying to do, I could try to point you in the right direction. B)
11 years 9 months ago #62608 by Madzsar
Teryaki, thnx for reply.
I mean (you wrote)-
"Select builder...tabs in the admon backend. Choose the menu tab. Remove First menu name, first sub-menu name ect. Save and have a nice clean profile"

So? I don't understand where (in which file) should I delete this menu.

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