'Username already exists' wihle updating profile..

12 years 3 months ago #102301 by Rstyle

[Joomla 1.0.15 + CB 1.1]

I found (again) the problem while updating some profiles. The last time I restored an old MySQL backup, but it must been done without that!

It's about 2 profiles I know about. I have an database with 1500 users, and these 2 profiles are more than 2 years old. Working fine, but can't update from front-end AND back-end.

What have I done?:

- New profiles having no problems and appear every day.
- Can update these profiles from PHPmyadmin!
- Have downloaded and compared these sql about the two users. Can't find any difference...
- Have looked here on the forum for same issues, but also found problems on J 1.5 and CB1.2.
- I have also checked jos_users.
- Did a Myisamchk on my database, no errors.
- Did an check from CB Tool, no errors.

Let's say; if you save an user, which tabels can go wrong? What could be the problem when doing a save after an profile update?

Hope someone has some ideas for me.

Thanks in advanced!

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12 years 3 months ago #102424 by Rstyle
I don't found the problem, but I have found what can be an solution when you experience problems like these.

It's when you use joomphpbb engine to give support to forums. Somehow (and I don't found out when or how...) the table from jos_joomphpbb_users can get corrupted.

The message "Username already exists. Please take an other one" is an check on this database after you do the function "userEdit" from comprofiler.class.php

You can skip the lines from 401 till 424 from the file: Joomphpbb_cb.php. Just exclude them, and try to find what's corrupt within your joomphpbb_users table.

Have fun!


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