[Joomla 1.5RC3-FIX] Profile update cb.core foreach

12 years 1 month ago #61488 by mrphivotu
sebaqe wrote:

what i did was to switch two lines of code between each other, so from this

$userParams = array();
$userParams = $this->_getUserParams($ui, $user);
i changed to this:
$userParams = $this->_getUserParams($ui, $user);
$userParams = array();

i tried this and it works on my site also with no side effects yet ;) . I've been troubleshooting this thing for the past few weeks and that fix just saved me a few days.I'll be launching this thing soon. joomla 1.5.2 CB 1.1 Thanks
12 years 1 month ago #61530 by mike.norris
this is the correct fix to the "invalid argument ... cb.core.php ... line 240" error. It is a simple type-o.
around line 234:
$userParams = array();
$userParams = $this->_getUserParams($ui, $user);

These line have to be switched. define the variable then associate the array!

$userParams = $this->_getUserParams($ui, $user);
$userParams = array();

Good job in locating the issue!
12 years 3 weeks ago #62753 by maxolivier
Thanks man. That fixed it for me ...
12 years 3 days ago #63974 by lanmi
beat wrote:

A reply was just posted at joomla forum here:


Could someone please check that changing that line in cb.core.php plugin file does fix the problem, and that now the user parameters are visible and can be changed and saved ?

Thanks in advance for your help,

User parameters are visible but user can't save changes for his profile if he try to edit them, i can't figure it out why. From administrator pages editing and saving works for any user, but every user when logs in on site should have availability to change for example his name and to save the changes. Editing user profile doesn't work at all.

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11 years 11 months ago #64921 by ajstead
Please don't tell me to search the forum! I have spent 4 hours on this!

Would someone please tell me where the cb_core.php file is located? The only location info I can find here is "...deep within the hierarchy" or some such nonsense.

Thanks in advance for you help!

11 years 11 months ago #64954 by nant
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