CB1.1 is translated into Dutch!

12 years 4 months ago #44133 by MarcusZ
Dutch translation pack:
I have completely revised and updated the standard dutch language file that was used by CB 1.0
It now works for CB 1.1 and also has a less formal approach.
The original file was flemish dutch and some explanations seemde a bit vague or ambigious. All that is resolved.

Now in this pack there are 2 other files included as well; these two also change the language in all the screens themselves. Like main configuration, user-, field- and tab management; cb_plugin management, and the tools screen.
In other words:
the given standard text (english) like Screen titles, example messages, dropdown texts, explanations and fieldnames are now finally in dutch as well.

Quite complete, with thorough read-me on how to set it up.
Tested on my live-site joomla 1.0.12 and still running great there.
(included Readme is only in dutch at the moment)

If you have fireboard 1.0 and it's CB plugin installed you'll find that the plugin is translated as well.

To use the pack:

1: upgrade CB to CB1.1,
2: reinstall the dutch language installation pack for cb 1.0
since this gets erased by upgrading to cb to 1.1
3: upload/ftp my pack (attachement to this post)
and overwrite.

Warning: if you want to give users a choice in(cb-)language on your site THEN ONLY USE the file dutch.php in my pack!

The other two files in the pack are NOT EXTRA files with translations!
They are direct changes of two of cb's files which will be overwritten.

I have posted the pack as a zip here . (forumpost with zip attached)

Take care to go over the read-me file as it explains what it does and where some minor bits are not translated simply because translating those parts might affect the working joomla itself..

I hope this product gives you all the possible convenience and pleasure of working with CB.
It certainly does so for the front- and backend users of my site.
Greetings, M

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12 years 4 months ago #44147 by DeHeipaal
First, thanks alot...great work.
I followed the instructions but I get some errors...like:
Notice: Constant _UE_WELCOME_DESC already defined in /var/www/vhosts/blablabla.bla/httpdocs/components/com_comprofiler/plugin/language/dutch/dutch.php on line 820
On the first page of the component...
Any idea?

Gr. DeHeipaal
12 years 4 months ago #44179 by MarcusZ
I quickly checked it out and that particular line is indeed given twice; this is now corrected; the other errors were simply missing string definitions which I have added as well.
If you have any ot h er insights please them to me so I can take the appropriate measures.
You can mail me directly at: admin@lentenieren.nl

Bedankt (=thx in dutch)Heipaal.

I wanted to change the zip file below with the
updated dutch.php file . since that did not work
I put a downloadlink in the original first post;
you'll see it.

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12 years 4 months ago #44214 by MarcusZ
Owww some strings are still missing so if u have debug mode 'on' you get some error messages.
The system itself works fine so no worries there ;)
Work is in progress as we speak . . . .
I'll keep yas posted.
12 years 4 months ago #44327 by MarcusZ
More quickly than I thought, it seems the pack is error free. (link in 1st post of this thread).
Thx go to"Heipaal and j.joomler


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