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I'm building a web site for a track day business I am a partner in.

In case you don't know - track days are days run at motor racing tracks where people can pay a fee for a day and take their own car on the track for a blast round.

The site I'm building needs to be a community site with:

  • free membership to the site
  • a forum (Fireboard?)
  • a way of booking and paying for specific days

  • The booking system needs to list all available dates and allow users to book and pay for the day they want to attend. Numbers of bookings will be limited to 30 places per day and the system needs to automatically stop accepting bookings when the limit for that day is reached. Each available place needs additional options during the booking process: additional drivers, passengers and helmet hire.

    Can CBSubs handle this or is there a better solution?

    This is important and needs to be up and running ASAP so I would appreciate if someone could give me a quick and accurate answer.



    PS - the site is at , currently using a temporary template - I'm also thinking of switching to the 'MyCommunity' template for this.

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    13 years 2 months ago #105276 by krileon
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    Hmm, you would need to make a plan for each day and if every day of every month is able to be booked, well that's 365 plans!

    So I would think of a way to compress the booking down. Perhaps use eventlist. Add the events for the days where booking is permitted. Limit the attendees of the event to 30. Then change the eventlist group of the user based on their subscription, which would allow them to attend said events. This is doable with CBSubs.

    Additionally if you decide to do a different method, you may set how many subscriptions for a plan can be created and limit it to 30.

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