"Fixed Overlay Closing on Mouseout" Issue?

13 years 6 months ago #64360 by Terp
Firstly, are these 'display types' and 'positions' new? Me likes. :) (okay, I need to read the documentation, but I hope there is a graphical layout that outlines the positions, as after half a dozen change, save, refreshes, I am 'beat'). :)

Okay, the issue I see, with both FireFox and Internet Destroyer, is that the 'Fixed Overlay Closing on Mouseout' display type does not 'mouseout' if you go anywhere around AROUND the tooltip...stays showing. it will only disappear when you move the cursor through the tooltip, then out, of that makes sense.

It's almost as if the mouseout is set to the tooltip and not the button/tab; for example, I set it for the 'blog' tab, so when I mouseout frm the blog tab, i would think it should disappear. It doesn't. It's only after I move through the tooltip, then mouseout. :)

I am not using this one (I like the div with title! If someone gets fancy and adds some highside JS to that, it would rock! or sliders), but thought perhaps this wasn't normal behavior. ;)

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