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13 years 5 months ago #64365 by georges
Members List Search -Remove List All- was created by georges
WoW.... I have to say I am totally impressed with how well cb1.2 is working and there are so many new options to play with it's crazy. GOOD WORK GUYS

My question pertains to the members list, once I have created the search criteria (which works awesome) is there a way to remove the List All option. I don't really want to give a directory that people can access without some kind of criteria.

I know it might seem pointless because if a user puts in no preference they can still see everyone which would be my second task. I'm gonna search through it but just didn't know if you guys could be of any help.

Thanks in advance,,


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13 years 5 months ago #64370 by dping28
Replied by dping28 on topic Re:Members List Search -Remove List All-
If you configure a filter in the backend of the user list, if they hit list all they will only see all of the users based on that filter. so if you configure the filter to be "Member Since Equal to 05/01/08" (something to this effect) then that list will only show users that meet that criteria. You can also user the delimter cb fields in the advanced ver of the filter for dynamic lists.


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