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13 years 3 months ago #66136 by jolmeda
Email checker was created by jolmeda
Guys the email checker in my installation never says if the entered email is already in use, but the username does.

Is this a bug?

Please help me.

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13 years 3 months ago #66174 by rollen01
Replied by rollen01 on topic Re:Email checker
this was happening to me the other day then it just randomly started working. I think it just delays for a bit.

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13 years 3 months ago #66466 by uramate
Replied by uramate on topic Re:Email checker
on my site .. it CHECKS the email .. but it never says if the email is approved or rejected or anything .. once its done checking it displays a white space there :(

i think its a CB bug , would like to hear if this is a known bug??

It would be great if somebody types in a hotmail or yahoo email (or any other email provider that proves problems) a red X appears when its done checking and text that says: Your email provider might put [WEBSITE] emails in your junkmail folder!

or if they type in a gmail or any other email provider that doesnt prove any problem a green TICK ( u know the thing that looks like a V kind of .. ) and it says : Your email address is approved.

is anything like this possible??

or should it be working like this already??

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13 years 3 months ago #66468 by scannercf
Replied by scannercf on topic Re:Email checker
As you will read next to the Ajax Email checker:

"For SMTP check, your server must have a fixed IP address, the site's email address must be valid, and this server be listed in its authorized originators (SPF record) for this feature to work properly with most email addresses."

Based on that, you should have a dedicated server with a fixed IP address (READ: not shared hostings) AND that IP should be registered in the "Sender Policy Framework" (SPF) database. Quite difficult for most websites.:blink:

I'll like to know if there is a way just to check the email syntax, (xxx@xxx.xx), disabling all the fancy SMTP verification.

If someone knows how to do that, please post it !!!.

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13 years 1 month ago #73779 by selor
Replied by selor on topic Re:Email checker
have the same type fo problem :

all my users are users from my society and their email is in this form :

and the checker always say this message : see attch:evil: ment Here [/img]

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