Activation email not sent to all users

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Activation email not sent to all users was created by alanrufa

Firstly can I just say what a brilliant compoonent CB is and how easy it has been to install and configure.

I've had a good look through all the previous posts on this subject but I can't find any help on a specific problem I have been having with the activation email.

Some of my users receive the activation email but others do not. I'm not 100 percent certain, but it appears to work fine for Yahoo and Hotmail accounts, but not for others such as AOL. I've asked people to check in their spam boxes, but the email is not there either.

I'm running CB version 1.2 RC 2 and I also have JDefender installed with com_comprofiler listed as a PHP exception.

My CB registration settings are as follows:

Allow User Registration yes, independently of global site setting
Autogenerate random registration password No
Require Admin Approval No
Require Email Confirmation Yes
Ajax Username checker No
Ajax Email checker No
Require Unique E-mail Yes
Show login on registration page No
Registration Email Name Storybond Registration Service
Registraton Email Address
Registration Reply To Email Address

Pending Approval Subject Storybond Account Activation
Pending Approval Email
Hello [NAME],
Thank you for registering with us. We have received your request and we will automatically activate your account just as soon as you confirm your email address by clicking on the following link:

You will be notified by email of the progress of your registration process.

Kind Regards,
Storybond Administration Team

Welcome Subject Welcome to Storybond!
Welcome Email
Welcome [NAME] to Storybond,
Your account has now been activated with the following details:

We hope you enjoy sharing your stories with others!

Kind Regards,
Storybond Administration Team

Show explanation for icons Top and Bottom
Introduction text for registration If you have any problems registering then please read the relevant section in the Guidelines menu option above. The only personal details that other users of Storybond will ever see of yours is your image (if you have one), your sex, and your username. If you have any problems registering then please read the relevant section in the Guidelines menu option above.
Concluding text for registration Please read our Privacy Policy for more details about how we will ensure that your personal details are kept safe.
Enable Terms & Conditions Yes
URL to Terms & Conditions index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=21
URL for first login visit index.php?option=com_comprofiler

And my Joomla User Settings are:

Allow User Registration No
New User Registration Type Author
New User Account Activation Yes
Front-end User Parameters Hide

Mail SettingsMailer PHP Mail Function
Mail from
From Name Storybond
Sendmail Path /usr/sbin/sendmail
SMTP Authentication No
SMTP Username
SMTP Password xxxxxxx
SMTP Host localhost

If anyone can cast any light on the problem I would be most grateful?


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