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12 years 10 months ago #37481 by beat
mixed wrote:

Congratulations on this great milestone and thanks for all your efforts on this component!

I can't wait to see the possibilities that CB under Joomla 1.5b2 will bring!

(So when are you moving to Fireboard ;) )



We have evaluated Fireboard, and are in contact with their developers for the improvements needed for supporting a board of this size (right now this forum's homepage, when run with Firebird, generates 398 SQL requests per page, which is to much for the traffic that we have on this site), but would love to go Fireboard, as soon as it's possible.

Regarding support, forums are a community effort, and sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't, depends often how precise the question is and if the due search has been done first. Topics replied alread 3 times won't get much attention, as well as imprecise questions. Helping other users is a way to "pay forward" to the community for all the free software you can get here thanks to this community.

Fortunately, there are joomlapolitans which do help in the forums on precise and new questions and which allow us to concentrate on deveopling the next Community Builder versions and plugins. Thanks a lot to those.

We are open to any suggestion to improve the support level without getting to much time away from development. Any suggestions ?

Beat - Community Builder Team Member

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12 years 10 months ago #37485 by Elric42
nant wrote:

Elric42 wrote:

That's great, I am happy for you guys... Could someone please look into a better support system? The forums really are not working as intended, and as we cannot contact you directly I am rather frustrated. What can I do to get support on CB?

what would you suggest?

Paid support?

Unfortunately the volunteer based - for free system doesnt work for many.

To be honest, if it was available and I knew it would help me with the issues I run into, then I would gladly pay for support. The free system is great resource if you get lucky, but as you said, "for free system doesn't work for many".
12 years 10 months ago #38840 by Forsh
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12 years 10 months ago #39021 by cursed
:woohoo: Coooooool. Congratulation
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