Website Cleanup (Joomlapolis Links Page)

12 years 7 months ago #42643 by bertm
Website Cleanup (Joomlapolis Links Page)

I have looked through the first 30 or so links on the LINKS page of Joomlapolis and half of them are either dead or bogus. Time for a cleanup?

graphikill - dead site if CB is present it is well concealed (Spanish Website) my spanish is not what it used to be, but I dont see any CB here either

The OrangeBand Initiative - no CB.

VostroPortale.Com Portale Gratis Italiano - no CB

i-Lucena Community Online - dead site

Body Science Fitness - No CB.

Kirklees Trader Community Portal - no CB

Azeem - looks like a bad link entry, fails.

The Stable Group, Inc. - no CB

ZapFoo !!! dead, placeholder only.

Just Rochester - no CB, no Joomla.

oldwelliies - abandoned half baked joomla site.

Emissary - no CB
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