How about rethinking the docsubscription

11 years 11 months ago #61971 by Gadensgaard
I am about to create a community site with Joomla 1.5 and i am looking forward to CB 1.2. Actually i am so looking forward that i was about to buy a subscription, but then i realized that it is only for the year of 2008.

Now the year is almost half passed and the price is still the same. So subscribers at 1/1 get a year of subscription but subscribers at 1/6 get a half of a year, at the same cost?

Why not make it a subscription for a year instead?

So subscribers pays for 1/6/2008 to 1/6/2009?

Kasper Gadensgaard
11 years 11 months ago #62011 by Terp
Truth be told, I, too, found that to be odd when I saw the dates of the subscription; so you have my vote. :)

I think it creates more of an incentive for people who, like us, missed the subscription at the beginning of the year. The exchange rate is killing me enough, so I am already paying twice, but thinking it from a '2008' perspective, I am paying double for half. ;)

...but looking forward to finally rolling up my sleeves and playing with CB and using on my site, so I happy nonetheless...but you point will hopefully be well-received and well-taken.
11 years 10 months ago #62302 by Gadensgaard
Well i am happy that i am not the only one with this idea but the subscribtionplan still havent changed :).

I am ready to subscribe as soon i can subscribe for a whole year.
11 years 10 months ago #62568 by Gadensgaard
Come on guys, 1.2 RC is getting close, please do this change to the docsubscription so i can start supporting this great project :) (if u cant do it now, please let me know when it will be possible)
11 years 10 months ago #62592 by ndee
Hi, (damn connection lost, whole post gone, so here the 'short' version of it)

If you would charge yourself 1 EUR / hour for developing CB features - how many features would you get done in 40 hours? 1% or less?

In real life you would have to charge yourself at least 40 EUR / hour. How many features would you complete in 1 hour?

Don't get me wrong but imho also a subscription on november should be worth it. You do not just know that you support the CB devs, no you also get extra features, docs and stuff!

But you are right maybe it should be possible to do multiple subscriptions or in case somebody makes good money with his/her community project he/she should be able to support the CB team with even more money than just a subscription. On the other hand it should also be possible that users can support CB by donating only 5 EUR or so. A custom choosable donation amount would be great. If I make some money with my cb site I will donate some euros more than just a subscription.


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