Installing on Joomla 1.5

13 years 1 month ago #82175 by sdousley
Installing on Joomla 1.5 was created by sdousley

I am just trying to setup a new Joomla site using 1.5 rather than 1.0.x

I have installed Joomla no problems, and am trying to install CB.

Someone please correct me if i'm wrong, but the way i'm doing it is as per the order in the instructions.

to do this, I am entereing Administrator with a super user (not the default admin account, but a user with these rights).

Then go to Extensions -> Install/Uninstall.

Select the .zip file, and click "Upload file and install". This seems to work, by not giving me an error, yet, it appears as though the component is not installed.

Also, when I go to view the components, I can see the first page of 20, but then when I click on "next" or choose "All" from the quantity drop down, I simply get thrown back to the installer page.

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