Limitations, need more relationship tables

13 years 5 months ago #82502 by _Stephan

I am volunteering in helping a boat club (joomla 1.0) set up their member's profile.

While the list of fields they are requiring for each members is extensive, I am concerned about all the data being stored in one table.

I created several tabs to group the different fields and made some of them read only etc..

So far so good, now the challenge is there are a few one to many relashionship in the data and I am a bit concerned about.

For example, one boat owner should have the ability to add familly members and it seem it would make sense to have a different table?

Also the same boat owner might have more than one boat, more than one mooring, more than one storage space etc.. While it is easy to create fields, I would have to create say 4-5 fields speculating on a maximum number of boats but in reality only one field might get used and therefore the others will be empty.

I was wondering if there was a way for CB to create a new table based on the tabs? It seem it would create relationship between these tables and probably perform better?

Also wondering if anyone had experience in creating conditions? For example, if the boat owner selects 3 boats, then 3 txt boxes would dynamically be generated on the form.

Hope this makes sense.. late and time to catch some sleep..

Any suggestions. experiences with similar situation and input most welcome!

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