Can I "pre-load" (upload) a database of users?

13 years 4 months ago #93149 by rexbickers
I already have a "community" of several thousand people (alumni of my high school) but we are hostage to the software /website which the high school contracted with - - and we are breaking away.

We have our Joomla site ready to launch publicly.

I would like to "pre-load" thousands of (maybe all of) the alumni (I guess I can only upload those with an e-mail address maybe - - to be able tell them that they are pre-registered).

I have heard that I need a short "script" (PHP?) to do this - - maybe that is for "plain Joomla" (without Community Builder). Will such a script be even (drastically?) more complicated if I am using CB for many additional fields?

I might also use CBPassphrase so that they can only come "acknowledge" their registration by knowing their (unique) passphrase (if CBPassphrase works that way or can be made to work that way - - with passphrase a "field" - - unique to every user).

I already have a mechanism for issuing a unique userid and passphrase to each user.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.


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