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12 years 5 months ago #102164 by parapiglia
search issue in french version was created by parapiglia
Hi folks,
first of all thanks for the marvellous CB for joomla!

I have an issue on a brand new French installation.
Very simple to describe: when I try to find a user with accents in the name (very important in French language), system doesn't recognize the right string, and I have much more results than the real ones...
In the resulting dataset you can find both the "right" included users and others in which I cannot recognize any criteria for the inclusion.

Eg. when I search for "ministère" I expect only one result but system reply with 104 results (users are about 900).
This issue concerns all special latin char such as è é ç à ò etc...

I also verified that in the backend all seems to work right.

Thanks a lot for a reply.

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11 years 9 months ago #124919 by parapiglia
Replied by parapiglia on topic Re:search issue in french version
Hi all,
Anybody has solved the same problem?
I can add now some information more to my first post.
Searching "Bibliothèque" in real name field I have the following URL:


result expected:
1. Nom: Bibliothèque de l'Université Paris XII

results given:
1. Nom: Bibliothèque de l'Université Paris XII
2. Nom: Jacques
3. Nom: [...privacy...] Belgique

my list is set on "simple any word match".
It seems to recognize "è" like spaces or something similar, so
bibliothèque comes from "biblioth + que" match
Jacques comes from the "que" match
Belgique comes from the "que" match

if I manually change the query address (converting "è" to the right html code for it - & e g r a v e ; - ) as the following:


then I have the expected result.
I don't understand if is a joomla or a CB issue...
I also verified that the same problem persists in another Italian version of CB, installed on another webserver.
But for Italian language the problem is not as important as it is for French because Italian names don't have accents or special chars inside.

Anyone can help me?

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