Simple search auto populates 0 in blank text field

11 years 9 months ago #123729 by sfraise
It's very possible I'm missing something here but here's my issue:

I've set up a search page for members to search the profiles by a combination of drop down and text fields set up via the list section of CB.

If I set it to advanced it works fine but is WAY to confusing for the average member with all the (is, includes, bla bla bla) options.

If I set it to simple (either "exact" or "any word") the text fields if left blank auto populate a 0 and will only search profiles with a 0 in them. It doesn't give an option to exclude the text field with a "no preference" like it does in the advanced mode.

Just so I'm clear I'll show my search fields I have set and give an example of where it breaks down.

My Search Fields:
Profile Image (drop down)
User Name (text)
Location (text)
Age (drop down)
Sex (drop down)
Sexual Preference (drop down)
Marital Status (drop down)

Example search:
If a member searches by selecting (Profile Image: with profile image) and (Sex: female) leaving all other fields untouched the text fields will auto populate with a 0 and will only show female members with a profile image with the number 0 in their user name and location.

Now I'm assuming that there is a way to set this so that it ignores the text fields if left blank but be darned if I can find a way to do it. My guess is that it's mishandling the '0' where instead of stating 0 means nothing it's literally adding a 0 to the search criteria.

Another issue I've found is if you leave "no preference" in the profile image (avatar) option it will show the results for no profile image instead of both with and without.

I'm using joomla 1.0.13 with CB 1.2.
Running PHP 5

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11 years 9 months ago #124217 by sfraise
If I renew my subscription would someone look into this for me?

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11 years 9 months ago #124781 by sfraise
Hey now, this is a legit issue.

Text fields should not automatically stick a 0 if left blank causing the search results to only show results with a 0 in those fields. And if you leave no preference in the avatar selector it should show all options both with and without avatars, not just those without.

I would be happy to renew my subscription if I thought I could get some answers on this but just being left in the dark with no replies at all makes me believe it would be a waste of money.

Now there was a whole big thread about advanced search components for cb where the cb team adamantly stated that such a component was not needed since cb has the list search feature. However, if it's not going to work right that answer is wrong.

Has anyone else been able to replicate this issue at least? You can do a search on my site at [NOT ALL AUDIENCES LINK REMOVED] to see the results for yourself. Obviously I have it set to advanced search currently to prevent the auto populating 0 issue but you still get the issue of only profiles without avatars in the results when you leave the avatar option set to no preference. If anyone would like to see the auto populating 0 issue just let me know and I can set it to simple for the sake of testing. You can IM me on Yahoo IM at iabullrider2 or email me to support at oohya .net.

Edit: Removed link NOT FOR ALL AUDIENCES

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11 years 9 months ago #124854 by beat
To answer first question: I gave a quick look at your list, which seems not working (says many users, but displays non) due probably to some errors in the database. Check CB + Fields + Plugins database first. + I can't reproduce here, works fine.

To answer your second question: When time doesn't permit to answer all posts, we do give priority to people helping the project (e.g. answer in forum to other's questions and other community members.

So yes, often a Doc subscription helps in getting answer faster, although it's NOT a support contract with SLA. But posting dozens of answers helps too to get community support back too. ;)

I edited your post to remove the link, as your site's advertisements are not for all audiences, which this site is.

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