Auto Expiring acounts using PayPal IPN?

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Sounds possible, but as far as difficulty to develop and time necessary I have no clue. Would seam like a rather simple thing to develop, but anything rarely ever is simple, lol.

The easiest approach I suppose is to set stuff to publish at certain dates, which articles already can do and some download components do as well.

Out of the box, no it's not available.

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Thanks anyway - it should definitely be on the wish list - it would make a lot of subscription site admins happy.

Publishing content by date, e.g. a month apart would not really work because it would assume all members had subscribed at the same time.

We need to publish or make available by member subscription date.

Certainly an interesting feature, that we have on plans, together with a few other hot marketing features.

You need to have whole articles, sections, categories, components and modules that way ?

Or as suggested above have a mambot/content plugin hiding parts of articles for a given time after subscription start ?

Well as mentioned before, most membership sites are by monthly subscription, and what happens now is that members join for a month, spend a few hours downloading all the content and then cancel their membership.

This is why we need to "release" new content each month based upon date of subscription so that no matter when they subscribe, each member receives the same new content each month.

This of course is also crucial is offering a "course" based site where members must complete one monthly module before receiving the next monthly module.

As to what elements of Joomla to control in this way - I don't think it is necessary to go to Section level, or perhaps even Category level - although it would be nice - content level might be alright for a start.

Actually the easiest place to apply this is at Menu level so new menu options are made available each month.

The three content aspects that need to be made available at the specified intervals are:

1. Articles
3. Videos

These being main course components.

I suppose it does not matter how this is accomplished within Joomla, all we need is controlled access to these content items based upon subscription date.

Believe me - this is a big issue. If you can provide a solution then CB Subs immediately becomes much more valuable.

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12 years 4 months ago #104382 by beat
Thanks for the detailed explanations.

I'm adding that feature to a mega-feature currently in design ;)

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