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2 years 6 months ago #297322 by maxgen
Hi I have been trialing a CB site for a model aircraft club. It has limited access for a few test members at the moment and is just basic CB on Joomla with uddleIM and Kunena. It is sitting in a development hosting space.
We have approximately 200 members.
We currently have a Joomla based website.

What we want to do is continue testing with the aim to add a sub site to our public site, One that is CB based that will allow members to login and utilise functionality of CB for added communication, e.g. for organising flying events (both competitive and social) and also general sharing of knowledge. Sort of value adding for members.
We want the site limited to current club members - in other words we do not want the site open for public access or registration. Registration is to be subject to club membership and would be controlled by administrators. I have achieved this with the test site but I am not using any of the CB Add-ons.
I see some of the 27 CB Add-ons as necessary to make the site really functional - perhaps not all of them but certainly a great many.
I want to do this properly and do not plan to make such a site live until things are sorted and fully functional. Our committee imagine end of this year should be sufficient lead time.

What I am unsure of is the best way to implement the functionality we think we want and think that a paid professional subscription would provide for us.
Has there been much work on this type of implementation that you are aware of?
Can you recommend the necessary Add-ons as distinct from the ones that would not be necessary?
As you can tell whilst we have a small amount of proficiency developing such a CB site is not proving simple and we want to do it right so that members can embrace it without multiple issues and changes. I guess we want to start pretty much Turn-Key. - But we are prepared to work to that.

We can see that GroupJive is a must but prefer to support community entities like Joomla and Kunena and Joomlaopolis, and thus the club would subscribe to professional membership not just a component. The sticking point is a move to another hosting provider and lack of knowledge about how many of the CB Add-ons could work for us.

Is it best to just subscribe and test each one or is there some pre-knowledge that may assist us?
2 years 6 months ago #297324 by krileon
As you weren't very specific as to what your needs are my guess is CB Activity, CB GroupJive, CB Gallery, CB Privacy, and CB Auto Actions (helps those 4 interact with one another) would be a starting point to provide your users with groups, activity streams, media (photos, videos, etc..) sharing, and privacy controls. We don't have an events plugin, but CB GroupJive Events does provide an event list for community groups and could be a solution for that.

You do not have to buy anything to try it. We've a full demo available below. You can fully explore backend and frontend of all of our products. Feel free to change settings, etc.. as it resets regularly. You're welcome to just tinker with the demo site until you feel more comfortable with a product before purchasing as well.


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2 years 6 months ago #297351 by maxgen
Thank you Kyle,

That is most helpful. I think we can just setup those 4 on our test site along with Auto Actions and proceed from there. I have looked at your test site but it is hard to envision how it would look and feel in the sort of setup that we want for the club.

I will clear funds and get the ball rolling. I am hoping CB will work well for our Club as an internal communication tool.

Best Regards

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