Subscription Option for Small Websites (100 users)

12 years 7 months ago #96461 by SoundEagle
Dear CBSubs team,

Could one or more subscription options be made available for websites that are only going to have at most 50 or 100 licensed users?

It would be much more attractive and economical for many people who run small websites to have a subscription option that suit them more favourably.:)

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12 years 7 months ago #96480 by beat
Thanks for your suggestion. That's precisely why we made the 500-users option. :)

We hear that 95€ might be high for some uses, but you get better features as with 2-3 other components put together... so you get much more than just payments. And this small investment should be paid back soon. ;)

Just take a look at the video from Swiss Joomla Days to have an overview of all features... :)

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12 years 7 months ago #96896 by davidpitman
Replied by davidpitman on topic Re:Subscription Option for Small Websites (100 use
I would like to second SoundEagle's suggestion, there are many sites which will never reach anywhere near 500 users, and for whom a 100 user maximum will be enough. These sites, as they are small, won't want to pay 95 Euros for the extra features because it just doesn't make financial sense!

So I would like to see a, say 29 Euro option for up to 100 users, or similar proportion.

I think this would be a win-win option, you would pick up extra customers who would otherwise not use the CBSubs at all, and those smaller sites can use CBSubs in a way which can add up for them.

Thanks for making this finally available - it is appreciated!


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David Pitman

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12 years 6 months ago #97238 by WebJIVE
I agree on the lower price/user count. This solves two problems. The first being its cheap enough for web devs like myself to purchase just to play (and create plugins) with and compare it to AEC and others. Second, I wouldn't offer "Money Back" on the cheaper versions like I would with a product costing $100.



Eric Caldwell

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