CB Documentation Subscription


The CB Team has compiled a detailed document about CB and is offering it as a subscriptions service. To learn what this is, why it is offered and where to get it just read on ... 

In an effort to gain limited funds and continue the open source development of the core CB suite, the CB Team on Joomlapolis is offering a detailed CB reference guide (and some extra goodies - read end of article for extras) on a yearly subscriptions basis.


What is this?


Why are we doing this?


Where can you get this?

To subscribe to this yearly service (which costs 35 € ~ 47 USD) all you need to do is:

Additionally, subscribers can download many CB Team released add-ons and upgrades. Currently the following packages are available for subscribers to download:

This means that as a CB Documentation subscriber you can download the detailed CB 1.3.1 documentation and an extra 14 CB related add-on packages - that's under 3 Euros per add-on! 

All CB Documentation subscribers are given a special DOC-SUBS tab in their profile that is always kept up to date with all available downloads. When new releases or upgrades are available all subscribers are notified via a special release newsletter of new arrivals and special offers.