CB Auto Welcome (2.0.2)

Send personalized email or private messages to your users when they join your website. Great way to welcome your new users and get them up to speed with your website. Also supports automated connection requests.

Automated welcoming commitee message and connection request

CB AutoWelcome

At a Glance

Send messages to your new users to get them up to speed on your website.

Personal touch

Make your users feel special with personalized welcoming messages and automated friend connections.

Private Message for New Users

When a new users first login to your website they will get a personalized private messge (uddeIM extension needed) to welcome them onboard and give them quick website information to get them up to speed.

Welcoming Email Message

You can also configure an email welcoming message with its own personal touch.

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Automated Friend Connection Request

Make your new users feel special as they will automatically get a new friend request from your welcoming committee users when they first login to your website.


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