Extend Community Builder with rich functionality

Community Builder can be extended in many ways with CB add-ons. Mix and add the the set of add-ons you need. They are all well-integrated and play really nicely together to transform your site into a powerful and friendly environment that will fulfil your specific use case..

Everything is GPL v2 licensed, so you can install on all your websites and use forever. Most items can be purchased separately, although your best return on investment would be to purchase one of the paid bundles.

Developer Add-ons

Developer memberships give you access to the CBSubs Paid Subscriptions Membership solution, the new CB Package Builder download manager, the Professional add-ons and our 4 blazing fast Joomla templates.

Automate your memberships

Start charging paid subscriptions for users to access your website content. Supports duration based subscriptions, merchandise sales and user donations. Very powerful and flexible solution that supports VAT sales tax, powerful coupon discounting, automated reminder emailing and many more built-in integrations. All inclusive package installs everything for you.

Most powerful download packager solution ever

Most powerful and flexible file download solution for Joomla. This CB plugin lets you transform your digital files into packages that can only be downloaded by authorized users. Joomla ACL is supported along with built in conditions (based on user CB field values) can be used for download authorization. CB Packager Bot, CBSubs Packager Bot and CB Packager module also available in this all inclusive package.

Professional Add-ons

Profesional membership gives you access to these great add-ons that you can use on all your websites.

Social network in a box

A powerful package including Community Builder, CB Activity, CB Gallery, CB GroupJive, and much more configured for a starter social networking site. Includes many basic fields required for a social site like Birthday, Address, Gender, Religion, Work, Education, and much more. Already defined privacy controls for numerous profile features. This package will surely quickstart your social site!

Remove Powered by Footer Links

Authorization to remove all Powered by Community Builder footer links from all your websites for CB 2.x.

Participation Chain Reaction

Adds interactive walls where users can share their thoughts and happenings and engage in online discussions through comments. There is also a CB Activity module to display activity stream in a Joomla module. Combined with CB Auto Actions (separate CB plugin) to automatically push profile updates and forum posts to wall. This package includes the CB plugin, Joomla module, and Joomla bot.

Photos, Music, Video and File Albums

Image, video, music and file galleries can be added by members in their profiles. Easy and simple with powerful quota system. Media can also be moderated before final publication.

Empower your users to interact

Take your Community to the next social level by empowering your users to organize themselves into common interest groups. Sit back and watch your community interact, socialize and expand your community by inviting their friends to their groups and your website.

Privacy controls for your users

Extensive privacy controls for members and administrators. Applies to any CB field and CB Tab. Lets users remove their account by themselves and many more features.

Repeating Groups of Fields

This CB field type plugin lets you create groups of fields that can be repeated by the user such as multiple phone numbers, pets, addresses, and more.

Block those spammers

Human challenge your CB forms (registration, login, forgotten password, email messaging) with Captcha image with audio playback and refresh button (also supports recaptcha and question mode). Automated blocking of offenders, limit account sharing and more features.

Conditionally show/hide fields or tabs

Dynamically show or hide CB fields or entire tabs depending on other field data. Great way to personalize your CB registration form and user profiles for your community. Very powerful concept lets you fine tune data entry.

Database Query Power in CB Fields

Lets you grab data using a database query and display results as a CB field. Check box, radio button and dropdown types are supported and you can also validate entries of existing fields against database queries.

PHP Power in CB Fields

Lets you execute your PHP code and display results as a CB field. Check box, radio button and dropdown types are supported. You can also chain fields to force re-execution or PHP code when a field value is updated.

Millions of users at your doorstep

Let hundreds of millions of Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Windows Live, Instagram, Foursquare, GitHub, VKontakte, Steam, Reddit, Twitch, Stack Exchange, Pinterest, Amazon, Yahoo, PayPal, Disqus, WordPress, Meetup, Flickr, Vimeo, LINE, Spotify, and SoundCloud users to directly and comfortably sign-in to your Community Builder powered website.

Empower your users to invite their friend to your website

Empower your members to invite their friends to your website. Easy to configure. Lets your members send personalized invitations to their friends with unique invitation codes.

Making great things happen without coding

Configure workflow related tasks around your community without coding. Send emails, private messages, update field values, change Joomla ACL group, execute database queries and even more actions when a specific event happens. Powerful tool to make awesome things happen in your community.

Powerful substitution placeholders for your content

Create handy substitution string and REGEX placeholders with this Joomla plugin and place them in your articles. This way you simply change placeholder mapping once and it will propagate to all content articles.

CB Content and substitutions in Joomla articles

Show CB fields or CB Tabs in your Joomla content articles. You can even use CB substitutions to show or hide article content based on viewer CB field values.

CB rich HTML content module with Javascript, CSS and JQuery page header coding.

Push custom HTML code with CB content in a Joomla module. CB substitutions are supported and you can also push css, javascript and jquery to your page headers. Very powerful module can basically replace the Joomla custom HTML module.

Inline one-click edition for all core CB field types

Make any core CB field be Ajax powered for inline editing (no need to edit profile). Install, publish and configure the fields you want to be inline editable.

GusetBook, Blog and Wall tabs for user profiles

Guestbook, blog and/or wall tabs can be added to profiles. Let your members communicate with this powerful 3-in-1 add-on. Package includes Latest Entries module.

Show profile completeness progress bar

This plugin allows you to create a CB progress field to show your members what their profile completeness progress is. Allows you to select fields to track and shows a nice progress bar. Create as many progress fields as you want.

Take control of your 404s

Extend Joomlas redirect component with handy REGEXP supported full or partial URL rewriting rules for 404 URLs. Take back control of your 404 redirects!

Lets users see who has been visiting their profile

Add a new tab to your profiles to let members see who has been visiting their profile! Also has administrative view with filtering.

Never loose email contact when addresses change

Force users to reconfirm email each time they change their CB user profile email address. Users can revert change from their old email address or finalize confirmation from new email address.

Use Gravatar service to power your CB image fields

Use your Gravatar images as a CB field based on email address of user. You can specify default image to show if user does not have Gravatar account.

Let users choose CB Template

Allow users to change the profile CB template as they please. Users can select if profile setting is to apply only for them or even for all users viewing user's profile.

Automated welcoming commitee message and connection reques

Send personalized email or private messages to your users when they join your website. Great way to welcome your new users and get them up to speed with your website. Also supports automated connection requests.

Make your website Multilanguage with Google Translate integration

This plugin will add a language drop-down selector to your CB Login module and translate your website using google service. Very useful for multi-language audiences.

Log profile updates and changes

Keep track of who changed what and when in their user profile. This script will produce a FILO list of profile updates for each user profile. Email notifications are also sent to CB Moderators on each profile update action.

Free Add-ons

In addition to Community Builder we have the following free add-ons you can download.

Links Joomla content author name to CB user profile

Joomla plugin that links article author name to CB user profile page. Great way for your users to learn more about specific authors and explore other author related content.
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Add CB Field searching to Joomla search box

Use the Joomla search function to find CB user profiles based on CB field data of profiles. CB Privacy settings respected during searching. This is a Joomla plugin.
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