CB Invites (4.1.0)

Empower your members to invite their friends to your website. Easy to configure. Lets your members send personalized invitations to their friends with unique invitation codes.

Empower your users to invite their friend to your website

At a Glance

Enable existing users to invite their friends to your website.

Community at work

Let your community work for you by sending personalized invitations to their friends to sign-up on your website. Keep track of invites and enforce by invite only sign-ups.

Personalized Invitation

Leverage your existing users to increase your community. Your users can invite their friends typing in their email address and a personalized message. Invitation contains unique invite code to help track success and assign credit. You can also configure yourself a registrastration form that only accepts applications from users that have been invited.

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Configuration Power

Configure every aspect of the process. You can even configure HTML header and footer content to wrap the personalized message and get an eye pleasing end result.


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