CB Gallery (2.4.0)

Image, video, music and file galleries can be added by members in their profiles. Easy and simple with powerful quota system. Media can also be moderated before final publication.

Photos, Music, Video and File Albums


CB Gallery

At a Glance

Adds media album gallery tabs to your user profiles.

Media Sharing

Let your users express themselves by sharing their media albums and files. Supports photos, video, audio and file sharing.


Users can create unlimited photo albums in their new Photo tab. Image files are uploaded and can be grouped into albums. Each photo thumbnail is clickable to pop up a full image. Administrators can specify the image sizes and the file extensions allowed.


Users can create unlimited video albums in their new Video tab. Videos can be uploaded or linked to existing youtube videos. Each cideo thumbnail is clickable to start playback. Administrators can specify if uploading is allowed and also give maximum video file size.

Albums / Folders

Organize your media content in Albums. Great way to group event media in common area. E.g., Trip Photos, Garth Brooks Songs, etc.

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Music tab lets your users upload audio files and create their own song albums. Music icon is clickable to start music playback.


Files tab lest your users upload and share their content files on their user profile page. Once again files can be grouped in albums and clicking on thumnail file image will download the file or open it for browsing.


Configuration parameters give you the power to configure everything to your liking. You can limity the uploaded sizes, thumbnail and full image dimensions, enable linked videos, and much more. You can even set-up a quota system per user gallery.


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