CB AntiSpam (4.0.0)

Human challenge your CB forms (registration, login, forgotten password, email messaging) with Captcha image with audio playback and refresh button (also supports recaptcha and question mode). Automated blocking of offenders, limit account sharing and more features.

Block those spammers

Challenge Form Filling

Protect against automated spam robots by displaying challenge fields that need to be correctly filled-out. Easy for humans but difficult for spam programs. Many challenge types to choose from: internal code, internal question or Google Recaptch.

Blocking Control Panel

Blocking can be automated (e.g., number of failed login attempts) or manual (e.g., Moderator blocks user account) and can be scheduled to stay in place for a specific time duration. Very powerful controls in place and managable from administrative blocking panel.

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Detailed Logging

Logging control panel lets you see what suspicious attempts have been made on your website forms. Usernames and IP addresses are also logged. IP addresses can be whitelisted or blacklisted.

Powerful Configuration Settings

Control any CB powered form on your website. Configure IP whitelists or blacklists and enable automatic blocking. You can even limit number of parallel login sessions per user.


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