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Paid members get our team's attention, but the support experience and turn-around time is a two way street. During our working hours, we monitor the paid support forum areas and provide assistance.

Following the guidelines outlined below will help improve your support experience and speed-up final resolution times!

Are you informative?

Provide an in-depth description of your issue, steps to reproduce the issue reliably (if possible), and installed versions of relevant extensions, plugins, Joomla, and PHP. Being vague will exponentially increase support response times! Be specific!

Before hitting the forum submit button, read what you wrote. Then ask yourself, if everything is absolutely clear and all information is provided. Making people think, guess and ask for clarifications justs extends final resolution time and adds frustration to your support experience.

Pesky Bugs!

No software is bug free. We're not exempt from this rule. If you think you have found a bug, please report it and provide as much details as possible wo we can reproduce it. Remember to turn on Joomla debug mode and maximum error reporting to capture PHP warning and error messages.

If we can reproduce it, we can fix it! We will open a tracker ticket, fix it, and in most cases push the fix out in one of our nightly builds.

Unyielding Conflicts

Sometimes extensions don't play nicely with each other and can break our products. It's easy to point fingers and blame us, but these issues are usually out of our hands.

It's not possible to conflict test against every extension, but that's ok! Let us know and we'll see what can be done as sometimes it's even our fault (whoopsy!). Be patient, as we are not experts on other extension matters. Givving us access (when requested) to your environment so we can experience the issue could help us help you.

Out of Date

We promote a rapid development environment. Things are constantly changing. From bugs being fixed to features being added.

For these reasons and many more we can not provide support for out of date installations. It's always best to stay on top of things and before reporting any issues always update to latest releases first!

Site Building

Are mission is to provide top quality Community Builder solution tools. We do not provide dedicated developers for complete site projects or overhauls. It's best we focus our time on providing you with excellent software and leave the design/building work to the web designers and integrators.

Other than basic installation and configuration services for our main products (Community Builder and CBSubs), we will not take on any turn-key website projects.

Limited Personalization

Our goal it to provide generic tools designed to help you achieve your specific use case needs. There are some use cases that might be more difficult to support than others.

When it comes to personalizing your Community Builder solutions usage to your needs we can only help in limited ways. Minor CSS or code change suggestions are often provided including usage suggestions. Please note we can not provide you with custom development in any way without a Business Membership.

Stubborn Hosting

We do provide commercial hosting services for for your Joomla websites needs and top-notch support for our hosting customers. Our solutions work just fine on our hosting environment and on reputable third-party environments.

Sometimes a third-party hosting service is simply out of date or poorly configured. We are always happy to suggest possible debugging steps, but it's highly recommended to directly contact your hosting provider. as they are in control and manage this aspect.

Local Hosted

If we cannot access your environment, we cannot help you. If you have a not-reproducable bug or a usage issue, we will need access to provide proper assistance.

We will give our best support feedback, but can't really help you with what we can't reproduce and can't first-hand experience. All sites must be accessible via the Internet (from anonymous IP access).

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Feature Requests

We're always open to suggestions! If you've a great idea that you feel could benefit any product in a general way then please be sure to share in great detail. All feature requests are always considered, but we can not make promises of implementation. Please keep in mind all products are built for the masses and highly specific features just don't fit that scope.

Late Night Support

We all have lives, families, and friends. We all need down time. Everyone deserves some rest from a hard days work! With that said support outside of business hours is in no way guaranteed and left to team member discretion.

Contracted Work

Our resources are dedicated to providing top-notch Community Builder solutions and supporting them. We do not provide contracted development work in any way. We can not help you create a new plugin. We can not help you build your entire site or new extensions for your site. Please do not publicly request contracted development as putting anyone on the spot is always an uncomfortable place to be.

Direct Contact

One-to-one contacts and private exchanges are only possible if such hourly professional services are purchased. Direct contact with the team for general support issues is not included. Support is handled publicly on the support forums. Direct contact is only used as a means of obtaining private information (e.g., login credentials). It would be impossible to maintain support if everyone contacted us through emails, private messages, and skype. Publicly accessible support forums also benefits the community for those searching with similar perhaps already resolved issues.

Forum etiquette

Providing timely and accurate support hinges on following forum etiquette of being respectful and willing to work with us. All support steps typically begin with debug suggestions on how to resolve the issue. Your willingness to work with us and provide as much details regarding your issue is vital to a swift support experience. Being kind and respectful to other community members will help you become a part of this ever growing community. You can read more about our forum etiquette here.

Up To Date Subscription

Our subscriptions primary goal is to provide top notch support. When your subscription runs out so does your support. We will make best effort to get you back on track with one of our subscription plans and give great incentives to keep you subscribed. Always try to remain actively subscribed for a better support experience! Please note bugs are exempt and we highly encourage everyone to report bugs as soon as possible -- but keep in mind that your bug might have already been fixed in a new released you missed because you let your subscription expire.

Realistic Expectations

It's easy to fall pray to customer entitlement. This often leads to making strong demands and expecting a personal developer at your beck and call. None of our subscriptions provide such a benefit. Please be sure to read your subscription details carefully. Having realistic expectations of what support entails makes all the difference in the world. Simply put: we will help you as much as we can, but we will not engage in any building or coding process on your behalf.

Multilingual Support

All support and business is conducted using English. We can not and do not provide support in any language except English. If you can not write English please reach out to a translator or make best effort using Google translate. It is common for non-English support topics to be delayed or even go unanswered.

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