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CB GroupJive (3.5.3)

Take your Community to the next social level by empowering your users to organize themselves into common interest groups. Sit back and watch your community interact, socialize and expand your community by inviting their friends to their groups and your website.
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Organize your groups for easy access placing them in categories. Each category has its own logo and canvas image. Joomla menu item landing pages can be created for each category to help users quickly locate areas of interest. A GroupJive Category landing page will show the category image and canvas and then a list of GroupJive groups that are in the category.

Group Communities

Let your community grow with mini-communities created and managed by your users. Bring users with similar interests together! Each group has its own logo and canvas image and quick Join / Configuration buttons. Groups also have quick tab-based access to group related functionality and content sharing areas in the form of Wall, Photos, Videos, Files, Forums, Events, Users, and Invites.

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Your users can fine tune which email or private message notifications they recieve for each group they have subscribed to.


Make everything work your way by configuring categories, groups and group integrations. Enable/Disable buttons, drop-down selectors and tool-tip pop-ups will guide you through the detailed configuration area. (Customize how your categories, groups, and integrations function through deep configuration.)

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Group Video Sharing

Each group has its own video sharing tab where group members can link their youtube videos for other group members to see and playback directly from the group area.

Group Events

Authorized GroupJive group members can schedule group events for other members to join. Each event has its own start date/time, duration, and Google map powered location.

Open Source

Everything you download from Joomapolis - whether free or paid - is GPL v2 licensed. This means that you can install it on all your websites and use it forever. Learn more about your GPL v2 privileges.