CB ProfileBook (3.1.0)

Guestbook, blog and/or wall tabs can be added to profiles. Let your members communicate with this powerful 3-in-1 add-on. Package includes Latest Entries module.

GusetBook, Blog and Wall tabs for user profiles

CB ProfileBook

At a Glance

Guestbook, blog and/or wall tabs can be added to profiles.

Users Reaching Out

Best way to motivate user interactions is to let users share their thoughts on profile pages.

Guest Book

Adds simple and clean guest book tab to your user profiles. Users that visit other profiles can sign the guestbook tab and even star rate the profile. Profile owner gets notification email for new entries and can comment below each entry.

Profile Blogs

ProfileBook Blog tab lets your users post blog entries on their user profiles. Not to be confused with the CB built-in Blog plugin (both can be activated at same time).

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Profile Wall Discussions

ProfileBook Wall tab lets visitors and profile owners post in common area and engage in discussions.


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