CB Content Module (3.0.0)

Push custom HTML code with CB content in a Joomla module. CB substitutions are supported and you can also push css, javascript and jquery to your page headers. Very powerful module can basically replace the Joomla custom HTML module.

CB rich HTML content module with Javascript, CSS and JQuery page header coding.

CB Content Module

At a Glance

Powerful Custom HTML module with CB substitutions support and page header scripting.

Custom Content

Display any CB field or tab object in this Joomla module with css, javascript and jquery scripting support.

CB Content in Custom HTML Module

Custom HTML module that supports CB substitutions. Personalize as many HTML Joomla modules as you need using CB content elements.

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More than just HTML

The module configuration lets you not only render CB rich HTML content, but you can also push Javascript, jQuery and CSS page header code. Very powerful combination.


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