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New Template Releases for CB 2.0

tplcb20 580

- Coolness - Funlite - Flexistrap
Our 4 Joomlapolis Templates are now CB 2.0 Compatible


Our 4 super-fast and light-weight Joomla 2.5/3.x templates have been bootstrapped and updated for CB 2.0 compatibility.

The new versions of MyCommunity, Coolness, Funlite and Flexistrap include the following two major improvements:

  • Templates will make your Joomla website look awesome on all viewing devices (desktop, tablet and mobile) as they been bootstrapped
  • Now fully CB 2.0.5+ compatible without the need for extra CB template plugin since the Joomla template now has CB specific markup code included

These templates are available for download by all template subscribers and Developer members and they are GPL licensed so you can use them on all your Joomla websites!

Our templates can be purchased here and then downloaded from our templates download area or the Developers download area.

Discuss these new template releases on our forums.


Community Builder 2.0.5 Released

cb205 500

The Next Generation Community Builder 2.0.5 is here
and it's free to download.

Community Builder 2.0.5 is here and fixes 27 issues (detailed list in discussion thread) also introduces a minor new feature:

  • ability to turn off loading of jQuery Migrate with new parameter in the Configuration Integrations tab

If you have not already seen our videos - Community Builder 2.0 Tutorials playlist, this is a great time to do so (and subscribe to our channel so you don't miss future releases). There are 42 (!!!) short and sweet hands-on videos to help you harness the power of the next generation community builder.

Upgrading to Community Builder 2.0.5 is a simple one-click process using the Update Now button on your Joomla control panel. If you are upgrading from CB 1.9.1, you should first take a look at video #30: CB 2.0 Tutorials - 30 - Upgrading from CB 1.9.1 to CB 2.0 - Expectations and first steps  and also our Getting started articles.

Discuss the Community Builder 2.0.5 release on our forums.


23 action types in CB Auto Actions 6 now for CB 2.0

geers2 226CB Auto Actions 6 is now CB 2.0 Compatible and supports 23 action types ready to help you implement your use cases without the need to code.

CB Auto Auto Actions lets you and your members save valuable time, by automating specific repetitive processes on your site.

It executes specific actions depending on specific events if specific conditions are met.

E.g. When a new user signs-up, you can automatically send an email to a specified manager depending on registration details. Or when a user updates profile data or logs-in, an activity counter can be incremented.

autoaction-videos-play2 red 226

To really understand the power and flexibility and the awesome potential you should spend 5 minutes to watch one of our CB Auto Action tutorial videos.


The 23 action types are: CB Activity, AcyMailing, CB Antispam, CB Blogs, CB Paid Subscriptions, Code (11 different methods), Connection, Content, Email, Field, CB GroupJive, CB Invites, K2, Kunena, Login/Logout, CB Menu, Private Message, CB Privacy, Query, Redirect, Registration, Request, Usergroup.

Configuring an auto action involves the following steps:

  1. Select one of the 23 available action types
  2. Decide the user events and environment that will trigger the execution of your action
  3. Optionally set extra conditions that need to be present
  4. Configure your action (based on type selected)
  5. Enable your auto action

There are virtually infinite possibilities and combinations available with this awesome Professional membership tool.

To help and inspire you, we have prepared a CB Auto Actions video tutorial playlist that currently has 5 short and sweet videos but many more are in the pipeline - so subscribe to our video channel now.

Discuss this on our forums.


11 previously commercial add-ons included in CB 2.0

11freeaddons 500

The Community Builder extension has been around even before the birth of Joomla and it's being used on millions of websites worldwide. And most of all it is both free as in beer (no cost to download) and free as in freedom (GPL).

This free status is not easy to maintain as there are many cost elements involved and many moving targets to track. So, no matter how free spirited we are there will always be the reality of expenses and the need for a commecrial aspect that funds and keeps the project going.

The CB Team and the entire Joomlapolis community -THANK YOU- have been doing a great job of keeping Community Builder powerful and free and very secure.

The next generation Community Builder 2.0 series has incorporated 11 previously commercial add-ons into its core - yes these add-ons are now included in the free CB 2.0+ releases.

The previously commercial add-ons now in CB 2.0 are:

  1. CB Ajax File field
  2. CB Rating field
  3. CB Admin Navigation module
  4. CB Forums
  5. CB Blogs
  6. CB Articles
  7. CB Ajax Points
  8. CB Bootstrap template
  9. CB Video Field
  10. CB Password Strength
  11. CB Verify Email

Community Builder 2.0 with these extended features and its new mobile ready user interface is just plain awesome!

See for yourself watching our 40+ short and sweet CB 2.0 Video tutorials and then consider upgrading to any one of our 12 month paid membership levels to get even more add-ons and great support and of course contribute to keep Community Builder free and powerful.


Community Builder

Community BuilderSocial networking powerhouse added to your Joomla!TM website, fast and easy! CB is the top rated, best supported, most complete and most reliable community system there is for Joomla! Comes with multiple extensions that add enhanced functionality for your online community. Includes highly customizable user profiling and registration features. Ands its FREE!



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Joomla Templates

Joomla TemplatesMake your site fast and get a clean, lean look. Create your website quick and easy! Super efficient load and render times. Template structure and flow is optimized to enhance user website experience. Content is king, as the template decorations 'get out of the way', except to help the user understand the content structure. Community Builder content module is included in all templates to present available CB user actions.


Quality Web Hosting

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