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Community Builder 2.0.3 Released

cb203release 500

The Next Generation Community Builder 2.0.3 is here
and it's free to download.

Community Builder 2.0.3 is a maintenance release that fixes 18 identified issues (see discussion thread for detailed list) found since the Community Builder 2.0.2 release and introduces 2 new features:

  • template css overrides allowing you to easily make changes to the default CB template
  • Joomla menu page class support for CB menu items for individual page styling

We will be adding new video tutorials to our Community Builder 2.0 Tutorials playlist about these new features and how to use them (subscribe to channel so you don't miss them).

Repeating once again our upgrading from a CB 1.9.1 environment process for your consideration:

  • Unlike CB 1.9.1, CB 2.0+ is now a single installable Joomla package that automatically installs component, modules and plugins
  • Make sure your PHP upload_max_filesize parameter is set to at least 4M - see our Checking your PHP Settings tutorial for more info about this
  • Check our Add-ons Compatibility Status page before you start and have latest CB 2.0 add-ons handy so you can upgrade them after your CB 2.0.3 installation
  • Make sure that you have a full backup available before you upgrade
  • If possible test your upgrade process on a cloned environment before attempting to upgrade your live site

Enjoy this free CB 2.0.3 update and discuss this on our forums.


21 Video Tutorials for Community Builder 2.0

cbtutorials21 500

Getting up to speed with the powerful next generation Community Builder 2.0 is now super easy and fun.

Since the 2.0 release, we have been publishing a new short video tutorial every day on our Joomlapolis Video Channel.

Today we published tutorial # 21 and we intend to keep publishing as often as possible (so make sure to subscribe to our channel) to help our community harness the incredible power and flexibility that Community Builder 2.0 provides.

Keep in mind that all Community Builder 2.0 administrative pages now have a Help button that leads to a handy online help page and also make sure you take advantage of our new Community Builder Getting Started articles.

Our current CB 2.0 Tutorials playlist has the following tutorials:

  1. Short tutorial covering first steps to install CB 2.0 on a Joomla 3.x website
  2. Short tutorial covering basic CB User Profile page updates in frontend and also adding menu links to the Joomla User menu
  3. Backend and frontend registration processes and approval workflows
  4. Creating our first user list and making our Joomla menu for user lists publishing
  5. Grid user list with profile image and canvas image variations
  6. Getting started with list searching
  7. Creating our first CB Field - Gender radio button field
  8. Getting started with Field Layouts and CB Substitutions
  9. Configuration options for uploaded profile images - how to get perfect squares and have circle images
  10. User List wrap-up - extra settings and Joomla menu to single list
  11. Terms and Conditions field and how to configure it
  12. A first look into Community Builder Tabs
  13. The CB Articles plugin and how it works
  14. The Joomla CB Author bot plugin and how to link author of article back to author's CB profile page
  15. First look at CB Blogs and Internal storage mode
  16. CB Blogs and Joomla storage mode
  17. Exploring the Date field type
  18. File and Video fields
  19. Single select dropdown and multi-select checkbox fields and user list searching
  20. The new 6-in-1 CB Online module
  21. uddeIM Private Messaging integration

Discuss this article on our forums.


Members invite friends with CB Invites 4.0

cbinvite 500

CB Invites 4.0 is here and ready to empower your members to invite their friends to your website.

Fully compatible with the Next Generation Community Builder 2.0, CB Invites 4.0 is a great tool to help you increase your members.

Here are 3 huge benefits that CB Invites gives you:

  • Let your members send personalized invitations to their friends to join your website
  • Create a by-invitation-only website (all you need to do is to make the Invite Code field required)
  • Keep track, monitor and administer all your website invitations from backend administration page.

 Here is a list of configurable features:

  • Customize invitation email with your website information and quick sign-up links
  • Let users include their personal invitation message (text or HTML)
  • Limit access to specific Joomla ACL groups
  • Set maximum number of active invites per user
  • Specify number of days between resending of pending invites
  • Captcha protect invitation form (needs CB Antispam)

This fantastic add-on tool that empowers your existing members to attract even more people to your website is available to Professional and Developer members.


Eleven social networks supported with CB Connect 6.0.0

cbconnect600 160CB Connect 6.0 is here and it now supports eleven (11) social networks!

Fully compatible with the Next Generation Community Builder 2.0, CB Connect 6.0 is your next generation social networking integration tool.

Totally rewritten for the new CB 2.0 XML MVC AhaWow engine technology, CB Connect opens up your website to millions of social networking users from the following providers:


Windows LiveGoogleInstagram



This super rich add-on not only lets users sign-up on your website using their social network credentials, but it can also grab (end-user authorization needed of course) social profile related data and map it to your Community Builder fields.

New Registration Prefill Feature


You can also configure CB Connect 6.0 to show the user a pre-filled (with data taken from the social network) registration form. This way your users can quickly complete your website registration form and accept your specific terms and conditions. Users are free to confirm prefilled data or make changes if they want.

Different registration workflows can be configured based on social network used (e.g., facebook users do not need moderator approval, twitter users must confirm their email, etc.).

Forgot to mention that you can also automatically place users in specific Joomla user groups based on the social network they used to sign-up and you can redirect users to your own specific landing page once again based on their social network selection. Plus there is a linking feature to let your already logged in users link their website account to their social network for quick single-click future logins.

This super add-on is just one of the many great additiions that are available to all Advanced, Professional and Developer members.


Community Builder

Community BuilderSocial networking powerhouse added to your Joomla!TM website, fast and easy! CB is the top rated, best supported, most complete and most reliable community system there is for Joomla! Comes with multiple extensions that add enhanced functionality for your online community. Includes highly customizable user profiling and registration features. Ands its FREE!



CBSubsBuild your own business website now with the premier Joomla!TM based memberships management system! Fully integrated and tailored for Community Builder. Create value add memberships with profile, content and access control capability. Seamlessly allow for selling of products and services. Accept donations. Increase your bottom line with cross selling features. And more!


Joomla Templates

Joomla TemplatesMake your site fast and get a clean, lean look. Create your website quick and easy! Super efficient load and render times. Template structure and flow is optimized to enhance user website experience. Content is king, as the template decorations 'get out of the way', except to help the user understand the content structure. Community Builder content module is included in all templates to present available CB user actions.


Quality Web Hosting

Quality Web HostingGet your business up and running now! Powerful, top tier reliability and highly secure. Uniquely adapted for Community Builder and CBSubs, with zero-click CB and J oomla! install. Servers are in North America and Europe. You'll save loads of time because Community Builder can be pre-installed and integrated. You'll be amazed how quickly your site is up and how fast it runs!