CB Query Field (6.0.0)

Lets you grab data using a database query and display results as a CB field. Check box, radio button and dropdown types are supported and you can also validate entries of existing fields against database queries.

Database Query Power in Fields

CB Query Field Video Tutorials

At a Glance

Display or validate CB field data using database content.

Making Fields Do More

Great way to create new fields that are populated from database queries.

Internal or External Databases

Plugin lets you query your internal Joomla database or any external one. This way you can bring in data from other sites or other systems.

Ajax Validations

You can setup database queries and use the results to inline validate and other CB Field value as it is being populated.

Chained Lookup Fields

Chain CB Query Fields to create dynamic options based on selected values. A Country, State, City, Zip Code chain is just one example.

New Field Types

Once installed and published, you will see 5 new field types in your CB Field Manager: Query, Query Check Box (Multiple), Query Drop Down (Multi-select), Query Drop Down (Singe-Select) and Query Radio Buttons. These types let you configure the relevant CB Fields to get their options data from a database query (internal database or external).

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Chaining Query Fields

You can configure any query field to update its options (forcing its database query to refresh) when other CB Fields are updated. This mechanism will let you configure auto-refreshing field sets like country, state, city, postal code.


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