CB Field Groups (1.3.0)

This CB field type plugin lets you create groups of fields that can be repeated by the user such as multiple phone numbers, pets, addresses, and more.

Repeating Groups of Fields

At a Glance

Admins configure a set of fields as a grouping and users can populate as many sets as they want.

Making Fields Do More

Great way to create lists of phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, golf scores, pet names, certifications and more!

New Field Type

Once installed and published, you will see a new field types in your CB Field Manager: Field Group. This type will let you select from a list of available fields to group together. This group of fields then can be repeated by the user as many times as configured.

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Template Driven

All aspects of a fields grouping display is template driven allowing complete control of repeat output. Two (2) built-in templates for a simple (vertical) list of fields or a (horizontal) spreadsheet style repeatable rows table.


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