CB Activity 4.0.0 Moving Forward

Many of you already know that CB Activity 4.0.0 is a major rewrite. A lot is being improved and 100% rewritten from the ground up. A lot of progress has been made in this regard. Up until now most of that progress has just been redoing what was already there and ensuring it continues to work with the new APIs. Now something new has finally been added! First up is global activity. Global activity will output on ANY stream that has the global asset specified (a stream can support a comma separated list of assets now). Take a look below!

Global activity still respects its position in the stream though. So it'll eventually be on the second page, then third, etc.. as time passes. What about being able to pin an activity entry to the top of the stream? That could be useful for vital information or keypoint discussions. This is also now possible using the pin dropdown menu option on any activity entry.

What's even better is you can combine the two for a global pinned activity entry. Perfect for site wide notifications!

Next up is an extension to the Hide functionality. Previously you could only hide activity 1 by 1. This is a bit exhausting if you're tired of seeing all of the activity from lets say a specific GJ group. Now you can hide "similar" and what this is really doing is hiding the entire asset of that activity entry (e.g. groupjive.group.42). Next you can also hide all activity from a specific user. All of this can be reversed on the hidden activity page as needed and also works for comments. Check it out below!

That's it for now. Like I said most of the time spent working on the rewrite up until now has just been rewriting what's already there. With that said though what's already there is SIGNIFICANTLY improved. From simplified usage all the way to speed (it's way faster now!). A lot more is on the way and you can keep track of progress using our forge below.


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krileon replied the topic: #291622 6 years 7 months ago
It's certainly getting there. I've gone through about 6 design changes to the API and appears finalized now. Worked out many known bugs with stream caches and so far all performance issues addressed. The Follow button is nearly completed so you can follow other streams. Likes functionality also starting next week and with those two done it basically nearly completes the release.


We don't provide release dates, but my goal is by end of this month. I'm not sure how long the migration code will take to get right as I need to be sure on upgrade everyone's activity migrates as well as possible. I also still have to redo a bunch of the backend XML views.

Note this release isn't just improving CB Activity. I've minor releases for GJ and CB Gallery ready that are improving their activity output substantially (you'll be able to edit, add messages, and add tags to your photo activity for example). CB Auto Actions will also have a minor release to update the activity action. All of this will be available day 1 of CB Activity 4.0.0 release so it'll be recommended to update all 4 for best experience.
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jojo12 replied the topic: #291620 6 years 7 months ago
Sounds really good. Can't wait until this release.

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