Private Message Create Access

Private Messaging just got better! You can now more strictly control who can message and whom they can message. Check out the details below!

We've implemented some great new parameters for CBs private messaging plugin. Specifically "Private Message System" in CB > Plugin Management. When using the Internal model instead of UddeIM you'll be able to take advantage of the new create access parameters under Parameters > Internal > Create. Take a look at what has been changed below.

You'll notice each create access param (Guest Message To and User Messages To) comes with a set of new values. Now you'll be able to control them on a much deeper level. For example you can limit users to only messaging their Connections and Moderators. In addition to this Guest (formally called Public) messaging can be limited to Moderators Only.

This is in addition to the new From access permissions This restricts who can actually send messages. So for example maybe you only want users with a specific view access level to be able to send messages. This would allow for usages like CB Paid Subscriptions giving permission to send private messages.

It doesn't stop there. If the custom usecases in the dropdown are not for you you can also directly select a view access level for both From and To. Take a look below.

This will let you completely control who can message whom on an entirely view access level basis. I look forward to seeing all the new usecase combinations everyone comes up with!

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