CB GroupJive 3.5.0

A new release of GJ is here with many significant UX improvements for more mobile friendliness. New group types and several redesigned layouts.

First up is a redesign of the containers for groups and categories throughout several views. A new default canvas image has been implemented to match core CBs. A thumbnail size of the default logo has also been implemented. Not if using a custom canvas or logo image be sure to provide a thumbnail version as well since it's now required.

You'll notice the menus on the top right of containers are more mobile friendly and familiar UX. Their size is that of a finger tip on mobile devices to allow for easy touch accessibility. The new button has been prefixed with "Create" so it's more clear what the action of the button is. The search bar size has been increased and now no longer searches on losing focus, but only on submit (press enter or click the search icon button).

This also includes changes to how action buttons are shown in containers. They're now given more space to allow for touch access and to allow for other languages to have more room for their strings. Their bright green has been replaced with a more neutral gray to avoid blinding users viewing the groups page with dozens of bright green buttons causing visual confusion.

Next up is there have been 2 new group types added. First is Invite has been renamed to Private which is more accurate to what it is. A new Invite type has been added that's publicly visible, but users may only join if they were invited. Finally there is the new Page type, which has no user management at all and is entirely managed by its owner. Page types allow non-group members to post on its activity stream, on the GJ Wall integration, and mark attendance for GJ Events. The description for Type has also been significantly improved so that this is clear to the user.

Take a look below at what to expect from the page type. You'll notice it's largely the same except it has no Messaging, no Notifications, no Users tab, and no Invites tab.

There have been several other UX improvements throughout various plugins and views as well to bring it in line with recent CB 2.6.0 improvements. This includes the tabs menu behaves the same as CBs for mobile providing a better experience on mobile devices.

For a full list of changes please see our changelog belong on our forge.


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