CB Core Fields Ajax 5.0.0

A new release of CB Core Fields Ajax has arrived with some awesome new features, improvements, and fixes. Check out the details below!

We'll start off strong with the best new feature now available. Tab ajax editing! You can now edit an entire tab at once using ajax editing. This is available for any tab that allows fields as long as it's not in the canvas header positions (e.g. canvas photo, background, title). Check it out!

The toggle is always shown on the top right. This is supported for every template available in CB Core Fields Ajax and can be modified further via its template files.

Same with the Update/Cancel being top right for consistency. All editable fields on the tab will be available for them to edit. Validation is still verified, conditions, etc.. will all work here. You can use Inline, Tooltip, or Modal modes here as well. Tab ajax editing is also automatically profile strict so this cannot function outside of directly viewing a profile.

Next up is the addition of several new default templates. These can be used for different ajax edit displays to better fit your sites needs.

The above showcases the new Button and Link templates. There's also an Invisible template that has no icon, text, button, or styling of any kind but will still allow ajax edit on click.

Next up is a complete redesign of CB Core Fields Ajax parameters. Instead of scattering them around multiple tabs they have been brought together under a single tab neatly organized into fieldsets.

You'll also notice a new Icon parameter. This will let you customize the icon displayed for the ajax edit display using your own custom CSS class. I hope the newly organized parameters will make things easier to understand and configure!

The Canvas Avatar and Canvas Background ajax editing displays have also had another pass to improve their visual clarity. On desktops the toggle only shows on hover. On mobile it will always be visible. It's now neatly centered as well and larger. Take a look below!

In addition to all the great new features there have been several bug fixes. Namely the Strict modes. They are now able to accurately detect where the ajax edit is. This will prevent issues like strict userlist avatar ajax edit from trying to render ajax edit in your login module. Editor fields are also a lot more reliable and properly reload their editors when editing, saving, and editing again.

For a full change log please visit our forge below.


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