CB GroupJive 3.5.1

A new CB GroupJive stable release has arrived! It's primarily a bug fix release with a few minor features. Check out the details below!

The main improvement is several PHP 8.1 compatibility fixes have been made throughout CB GroupJive and its integrations to clear out deprecation notices. This also brings its minimum PHP up to 7.4 (same as current stable CB).

Support for Kunena 6 has been implemented in CB GroupJive Forums.

WYSWIG editor support for group messaging is also now available instead of a plain textarea input.

CB GroupJive Videos can now properly display youtube shorts.

The Auto Join fieldtype has received several improvements. You can now explicitly exclude group types from auto join (default private and page types selected). You can also have it ignore category access checks for auto joining.

For a full changelog check out the details on our forge below.


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