Turning off Joomla Registrations

Community Builder is designed to replace the login and registration process on your Joomla website.

This means you need to turn off Joomla registrations in order to make sure that Community Builder is the only entity that handles new registration requests.

To turn off Joomla registration:

  1. Go to Users → User Manager page
  2. Select the Options button (upper right corner)
  3. Then in the Component tab select the No button for the Allow User Registration parameter.

Once you complete this, you should go to your Joomla: Components → Community Builder  Configuration page and in the Registration tab set the Allow User Registration parameter to:

  1. Same as CMS's Allow Registration
    if you want to keep frontend registration process closed also through Community Builder
  2. Yes, Independent of CMS's allow registration
    if you want to allow frontend registration through Community Builder (but you have already disabled them through Joomla)

In addition to this online reference it is highly recommended that
you download the latest CB Primer Book here!

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