Community Builder Workflows module

The Community Builder Workflows module serves as an online tool to show pending tasks to your users and to your Moderators.

You can optionally configure it by following these steps as a guide:

  1. Locate your Community Builder Workflows module entry from Joomla: Extensions → Module Manager
    You can just type Community Builder Workflows in the search box or set the Select Type drop-down filter to Community Builder Workflows
    1. If you do not find a module instance or you need a second instance of the modue, just click the New button in your Joomla:
      Extensions → Module Manager page
      and Community Builder Workflows module from the Select a Module Type: list.
  2. Edit the Community Builder Workflows module parameters to:
    1. set Status to 'Published'
    2. set Position to 'Position-7' (or another position relevant to your template
    3. set Access to 'Registered' or some other Joomla Access level depending on your use case and how you have defined CB Moderators
    4. set Menu Assignment tab Module Assignment tp 'On all pages' (or something relevant to your Joomla installation)
    5. set other module parameters according to your needs (each parameter has a tooltip explaining its functionality)
  3. Click the 'Save & Close' button to save your changes

Once you complete the above you should be able to see the Community Builder Workflows module on your Joomla site pages.

There are many additional Community Builder Workflows module parameter settings you can configure to further customize the look and feel and also the functionality of your Workflows module instance.

In addition to this online reference it is highly recommended that
you download the latest CB Primer Book here!

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