CB Plugin Types

Community Builder can be further extended by CB plugins (installed using the CB Plugin Manager in backend).

There are basically three different CB plugin types:

  • CB Language plugins
  • CB Template plugins
    • When installed and published they will be presented as drop-down options in the CB Configuration -> User Profile Tab: CB Template parameter
  • CB User plugins
    • These can be integration plugins (that integrate some third-party extension with CB), self-contained plugins (e.g., CB Profile Gallery plugin, CB ProfileBook plugin, etc.), CB field plugins (e.g., CB Ajax File field plugin, CB Rating field plugin, CB Ajax text field plugin, etc.). A CB plugin can also have its own plugins (see CB GroupJive or CBSubs as examples).

The CB API is described in the CB API document (available for download to registered members in the Free download area).

Relevant Information and Links

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