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If you encounter situations where it appears that emailing is not being process, sent or delivered by a CB workflow, then please investigate the following:

  • Make sure emailing works from Joomla backend (e.g., test Joomla mass mailing to your super admin group)
    If it does not, then you need to focus and getting emailing working here and once fixed, CB emailing issue should also get resolved.
  • If Joomla emailing works then retest the CB mailing process with a destination email address you have access to and control. Make sure that email is also not sent to this controlled address and make sure you check in your spam folder alsso. If you find the email then everything is working and most likely your user did not check his/her spam box folder or something specific o the user's email service end is blocking receipt or email.
  • If Joomla emailing works then turn on Joomla debug and retest the CB mailing action that you feel is failing. With Joomla debug on you might see relevant error messages that are causing the issue.
  • Check your server error log for relevant messages

If all above do not help you resolve the issue, then post ALL relevant information and steps taken above starting a new thread in our Free, Adavanced, Professional or Developer support forums.

For better response times from the CB Team members please consider upgrading your free membership.

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