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If you are using a gmail powered email address in your Joomlapolis username account, then you might be missing important email messages because Google is wrongly filtering your email messages and incorrectly placing them in your gmail spam folder.

If you must use a gmail powered email to register, then please follow these steps to make sure that you tell google that such emails are not spam:

In order to tell google that they made a mistake please follow these steps to report:

  1. First you need to find the email in your gmail webmail spam folder.
  2. click on the message to read it
  3. click on the More dropdown arrow on the opposite right side of the sender name
  4. Select the Show original item
  5. Find the Message-Id: <XXXXX @ YYYYY . ZZZ> line
  6. Find the Date: (sent) line just above the Message-Id line
  7. Access the Google report form at:
  8. Fill in the form using the XXXXX @ YYYYY . ZZZ message id and the date sent information from the Show original item of the spam folder email.
  9. Close the Show original browser tab
  10. Click on the gray [Spam x] button above the sender name to mark that this conversation is not spam
  11. Select the Add Joomlapolis to contacts list item from the More dropdown menu to add our address to your contacts list (and approved senders list)

Repeat above for all emails you see from  in the google spam folder.

Thanks for doing this for us - this way you will not miss out on future emails and important notices. 

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