Approval emails not beign sent to moderators

14 years 1 month ago #10687 by tweaked
We have implemented full processing and Require Email Confirmation and Require Admin Approval. We also use Moderation.

All of my setting are the same as the were prior to the upgrade (when this was working) but its no longer working.

I have tried changing the level of moderator from manager to administrator to super administrator to no avail.

I have yes for all of the following:
- Moderator Approve Users
- Send Moderators Email
- Allow User Reports
- Require Upload Image Approval
- Allow Profile Banning

I never changed the global setting for email, but what does CB require?

The mail setting was on PHP mail function so i tried sendmail, - still no luck

Please Help! This was working well prior to the upgrade to RC2

Thanks in advance
14 years 1 month ago #10690 by nant
Sometimes hosts block outgoing emails that have invalid return addresses. Have you set the return address to something valid in the CB Configuration tabs?
14 years 1 month ago #10699 by tweaked
yes its valid and remained unchanged during the upgrade to RC2.

as I said this was all working untill the upgrade. Is there an issue with sending moderator approval notices?

Also, as a note, the person requesting access is receiving emails to confirm the email address. It is just the moderators are not receiving emails.

the reason I ask is becasue of the below posting:,com_joomlaboard/Itemid,/func,view/catid,8/id,9137/#9137

however Recieve Moderator Emails" stays on yes so Im not sure.


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14 years 1 month ago #10703 by tweaked
Some progress on issue resolution...

I have found that there is a single moderator email that is being sent to a single email address which just so happens to be the original super administrator account what is created during the mambo install process.

So I have been able to successfully change the original administrators email address and then that email now gets the moderator emails.

Looks like a bug to me... no other members of the moderator groups are getting emails except for the original super administrator.

As a background I do have a number of managers, administrators, and super administrators (all with Valid email addresses) so you can rule out that its because there is no one in the moderator group except for the original super administrator.

-Thanks in advance
14 years 1 month ago #10704 by beat
2 conditions needed to receive moderator-emails:

a) be in the right level according to CB config
b) have flag on to receive moderation emails in backend user edit.


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14 years 1 month ago #10828 by beckysoll
this might seem stupid, but i was having the same problem - everything was set up properly but the user approval emails were not getting to me - then i realized that they had all gone to my spam folder... DUH

in case you havent checked that, sometimes it's the obvious answer....
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