Error when rejecting (CONFIRMED-PATCHED)

13 years 9 months ago #300 by trail

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13 years 9 months ago #1789 by hariyanto
A suggestion on Rejecting Process.

- After you rejected a user, it will send the user a reject letter. (DONE)
- When the user tries to reregister again using the same email address, the mambo registration will tell double emails and use the forgot password feature. (DONE)

- When the user tries to use forgot password feature using the email that was being rejected, 'gives a note that the email address was rejected because ...'.
13 years 9 months ago #2249 by HeyTC
Damn I love open source... Bug fixed without even having to raise a sweat. Thankyou to CB team & bug reporters.
13 years 1 week ago #20344 by cdmcfad
Thanks for the fix. I just stumbled across this as I was at my wit's end!
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