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12 years 10 months ago #21530 by jascha
Hi @all,
I have a fresh Joomla (1.011)installation and the CB 1.01.For security reasons, I have RG Emulation "off". Today I make a test and would register a Fake Member, but it failed. If I try to register (after submit the details) I got the message: Please enter your name... problem, the Guestook did`nt record the entries?

I have a other site with Joomla 1.010 and CB 1.01 (RG Emulation "On") and it works fine with all plug ins and so on?
Did anyone have the same problems or could help?

I know that many components have problems with RG Emulation OFF,so is their maybe a fixed version of CB in the moment available or could anyone give me instructions to solve the problem?
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