Big Problems with letters like öäüß

14 years 2 weeks ago #5650 by KobeBeef
Thanks Beat,

I'm still researching on how to fix the problem and appreciate all that you have suggested. I also tried signing up on but was not successful in receiving the confirmation email to login as a new user. So I am not able to send you a PM on that.

However I am interested in being a beta tester for the Japanese character set. I hope this message finds you.

13 years 11 months ago #7676 by chardi
I am interested in being a beta tester for the Chinese characte.
13 years 10 months ago #10607 by zehith
beat wrote:

This said, we are looking for a Japanese or chinese tester for the 1.0 stable now. If interested, simply PM to me with your username on, mentioning you use the Japanes characterset and would like to join the CB testteam.

I'm korean CB rc2 admin in my test joomla site. I maden korean language addon but also i could see that problem.

so I wish try to fix that dirty-fix ASAP.

Cheer up
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